Magic Circuit of the Waters

Magic Circuit of the Waters

Are you ready for the adventure?

Spend an incredible afternoon in the Magic Circuit of the Waters and discover its main attractions:

  • Cyber sources
  • Precious birds
  • Ornamental fountains
  • Ecology

How to get?

If you want to go by public transport, it is best to take the Corredor, a bus that passes through Avenida Tacna (Cercado de Lima) and get off at the intersection of Avenida Arequipa and Jirón Madre de Dios.

If you prefer to go by taxi, the price from our accommodation is approximately S / .10 on average (US $ 3). To do this, as a suggestion, order the taxi through an application (Uber, Beat, etc.) since it is much safer.

Normally the entrance has a cost of S / .4.00, to check the current rate, consult directly on the website of the Parque de las Reservas de Lima.

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